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Our mission is to bring together patients and a wide variety of medical services from Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Russia and Baltic Countries through a network of multiple channels from online assistance to social media interaction whilst faciliatating the entire process in a chosen healthcare facility and creating a proactive engagement as a part of health and medical tourism growing rapidly worldwide. We aim at fully informing the patients demanding healthcare and treatment support and get the patients in contact with the right healthcare facilities we represent. Thus, we also aim at increasing the information about quailty and safety for patients coming from abroad while we promote the services of the facilities through our references and management.

Operation expenditures of health tourism are higher than other operations of tourism. Our country offers the best opportunities in terms of quality and low cost in that regard.

Our website presents institutions and facilities with :

– Increase quality of healthcare facilities and organisations
– Provide an easy and right access to healthcare services
– Focus on reliability, quality and convenience

Provide necessary arrangements for national and international health tourism facilitators as well as managing comprehensive advertisement of hotels accommodated for health tourism purposes.

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